Adopting A PWD

We are excited to say that we will have puppies available to go to forever homes for Spring 2023 and later.  Our Summer 2021 & Spring 2022 litters are already full.

There are still spots available for the Spring 2023 Litter.  If you are interested in a puppy for this time frame or later please feel free to contact us.  We are happy to chat and share details about this breeding or others coming up.

pwd puppy

Visiting The Puppies

Please do not plan your visit with our dogs on the same day that you are visiting any other kennels. 

All new owners will complete a breeder/buyer contract that outlines what you can expect from us as your breeder, and what we expect from you as an owner. In this contract, the health guarantee is comprehensively outlined. 

We welcome you to come visit our dogs, but ask that you not plan your visit with our dogs on the same day that you are visiting any other kennels. This is for the well-being of any newborn pups that have yet to be vaccinated.  Also, we are taking extra precautions with allowing visitation due to COVID-19.  We want to keep the mom, puppies and people within our household safe as well as keeping you and your family safe.

Do Your Research

It is important that you and your family do your research regarding Portuguese Water Dogs.  There is lots to learn and we would like to make sure that when we send a puppy to their forever families that it is forever and that both the breed and family make a good match.

To learn more about the concerns surrounding purchasing a PWD please see the PWDCC Buyer Beware

Please feel free to visit our Adoption Application and view our Buyer Contract.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in getting a Portuguese Water Dog please fill out our puppy application.