Your experience with Courier PWDs

Most people find us on the internet, either through a google search, the CKC website, or the PWDCC website. Others contact us because they have heard of us by word of mouth, either a referral from an existing family, or sometimes just simply by meeting one of our wonderful dogs while out and about, and requesting contact info.

Once you make contact, we will respond promptly with a long and detailed email, or lengthy phone call if you prefer. You will be asked to fill out the application, and we will discuss your needs as far as timeline and wishes, and we will ask you many questions we have, based on your application. If we approve your application, and you decide to choose us as your breeder, then your deposit will hold you a guaranteed spot. It is preferable that you visit in person if possible to meet us and the dogs, but we do understand that some people live too far away, making multiple visits impossible, and therefore we will communicate via phone, facetime etc. until the day you take your pup home.

Your experience with us

From the day you commit, you will be added to the emailing list, where we will share with you the ultrasound picture confirming pregnancy, and then the X-ray photo which tells us how many puppies we are expecting (usually accurate within 1-2 pups). You will also be invited to join our closed Facebook Group (only open to families who own or are waiting for their Courier PWD), and asked if you wish to follow us on Instagram. You will also be given a book that is a starting point to learning about PWD ownership, and a list of recommended supplies you will need before you bring your puppy home.

litter X-Ray
litter UltraSound

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The day the puppies are born, you will be sent a birth announcement email, which will have a photo and detailed description of each pup. Sex, colour, markings, coat type, time of birth, weight at birth, and kennel "theme" name and corresponding collar colour. After that, you will receive a weekly update with photos and weights, so you can watch your puppy grow! We encourage people to visit as much as they can (by appointment only), and for those who can't visit, we will also be posting videos of the pups on our youtube channel for you to enjoy.

Once the puppies are 7 weeks old, and have been temperament tested (using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test), it is time to decide which puppy is the right choice for each family! You will be booked in to come and visit, or video chat, so we can discuss and decide which puppy is most ideal for you.

Once the puppies are 7.5 weeks old and fully vet examined, vaccinated, fecal test done, and deemed healthy and normal, you will come and finalize all paperwork, and take your puppy home. You will be sent home with a food sample, after a discussion about whether you wish to feed your dog kibble, or learn about the benefits of a raw diet. Your puppy will be fully groomed, meaning bathed, blown out, ears cleaned, face trimmed, nails cut and paw pads shaved, and if you wish clipped in the traditional "Lion Trim". If you want to learn basic nail trimming and ear cleaning, we will teach you that day. Your pup will be given a familiar smelling blanket and a couple of favourite toys. You will be given 6 weeks free pet insurance, an offer to one year free membership to the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada, your puppy's vet records, a USB digital puppy pack that will include all information and health clearances on Sire and Dam. It will also include many files that contain educational information for you, as well as all the photos I have taken in the 8 weeks.

I will request a photo of you and your family with your new fur-baby, to share your joy with our Private Facebook group.

After you leave with your puppy that day, please know that your experience with us does not end there!!! We are committed to providing all of our Courier PWD owners a lifetime of support! We are only ever a phone call, text message or email away if you need advice or guidance in any way, or even just to share happy stories and photos of your dog! Joining the Facebook group also puts you in touch with many other Courier families, who also are always more than happy to share their experiences, or give helpful advice.